XDEM Software

Advanced Multi-physics Simulation with XDEM Software


The XDEM software is a numerical simulation framework that implements the eXtended Discrete Element Method (XDEM). It is organized as a C++ library organized in a set of modules and a set of simulation drivers designed to provide high quality and fast simulations of thermal conversion of granular matter for industrial applications.

XDEM is successfully been used to investigate, for instance:


XDEM allows multi-physics simulations of granular materials. It supports the following simulation modules:

  • Dynamics: particle motion, force, stress
  • Conversion: thermodynamic state, chemical composition and reactions
  • CFD coupling: multi-phase flows, liquids and gases
  • FEM coupling (experimental)

XDEM is versatile and flexible

  • Various particle shapes: spheres, cubes, torus, …
  • Triangulated surfaces (STL, VTK)
  • Physics models: impact, bond, rolling, …
  • Multiple integration schemes
  • Size changing models
  • Many materials and chemical reactions
  • Periodic Boundaries
  • Particle sources

Pre-processing and Post-processing

XDEM input files uses the HDF5 format and can be setup using the XDEM Graphical User Interface.

Results are generated as HDF5 and XDMF output files. The output can be visualized with ParaView and data analysis can be performed with any tool supporting HDF5, for example with R, Python or Matlab.

XDEM WorkflowGridConvergence

High Performance Parallel Execution

XDEM supports large scale parallel simulations using High Performance Computing platforms.

  • Distributed execution with MPI
  • Shared memory execution with OpenMP
  • Tested up to 2,000 cores with millions of particles

XDEM also proposes a unique and efficient parallel coupling with OpenFOAM.

Software Quality

The quality of XDEM Software is ensured in various ways:

  • Strong documentation
  • Systematic code review
  • Extensive tests
  • Code coverage and analysis
  • Continuous integration and nightly tests

How to get XDEM software?

XDEM Software is not publicly distributed, neither as source code nor binaries. It is only used internally by the LuXDEM research group and its partners to run their simulations.

A private copy and license can be provided on demand to partners as part of a collaboration with the LuXDEM research group and the University of Luxembourg. Please contact Prof. Bernhard Peters for this matter.