Research Activities

Snow-Tire Interaction

Image tire
Tire-ground interaction


The objective of this research is to develop a simulation approach that describes the interaction of a tire surface on a snow-covered road. Contrary to the continuum mechanics approach snow is considered to exist of discrete grains, that interact wit each other. Therefore, the Discrete Particle Method (DPM) representing a discrete approach based on the Discrete Element Method is applied to the snow. This tool supports the development of a micro-mechanical model that describes the behaviour of snow such as motion of snow grains and deformation. The predicted results obtained by the simulation tool are compared to experimental data for validation. The forces acting between individual snow grains and the tire e.g. tread will determine the strength of traction. It depends to a large extent on the surface structure of the tire such as shape, orientation and geometry of the tread blocks. In order to predict the viscoelastic deformation of the tire when it comes into contact with snow a Finite Element analysis is applied. The coupling between the discrete approach to characterize snow and the FEM approach for the tire represents an accurate model to assess the traction. Similar to the development of the discrete model describing snow, these predictions will be compared to experimental data.



The research was funded through resources of the University of Luxembourg.