Research Activities

Parallelization of CFD-DEM couplings

Scalability of the XDEM-OpenFOAM coupled execution


Eulerian-Lagrangian couplings are nowadays widely used to address engineering and technical problems. In particular, CFD-DEM couplings have been successfully applied to study several configurations ranging from mechanical, to chemical and environmental engineering. However, such simulations are normally very memory and computationally intensive, and the execution time represents a major issue for the applicability of this numerical approach to complex scenarios. Currently, there is no universally accepted solution for the parallel execution of CFD-DEM couplings and the state of the art suffers of severe comunnication bottlenecks. This project aims at investigating novel coupling approaches to improve the performance the parallel CFD-DEM simulations.



FEDER This research is in the framework of the project "DigitalTwin", supported by the programme: Investissement pour la competitivite et emploi - European Regional Development Fund (Grant agreement: 2016-01-002-06).