Research Activities

Thermal Conversion of a Moving Bed on a Forward Acting Grate

Image bed_temperature_100s
Particle temperatures on a forward acting grate


The objective of this research is to investigate into heat-up of a moving or fixed bed of solid e.g. fuel particles. The dominant mechanisms of heat transfer of a packed bed include conduction between particles in contact, radiative heat transfer between neighbouring particles and convective heat transfer to a fluid in the void space. Thus, heat transfer in reacting fixed and moving beds influences widely progress of reactions and completeness of conversion e.g. burn-out. These parameters including motion on a forward acting grate are subject to investigations by the Discrete Particle Method (DPM).

The neighbours of each particle change versus time, and thus, determine the time-varying heat transfer from neighbouring particles. Heat transfer due to conduction is evaluated by a contact surface and the particles conductivity whereas radiative heat transfer is described by the dense body approximation. Convective heat transfer between the particles and the fluid flow is described by well derived empirical correlations for heat transfer coefficients.



The research was funded through an FNR grant.