Research Activities

LSDEM: Large Scale parallel Discrete Element Simulation

Rotating One million particles hopper test case.


The purpose of this research aims to explore all novel methods of improvements and optimizations of DEM in algorithmic and computer science terms. This will involve studying an hybrid parallel programming environments (shared memory, GPUs, message passing) and implement them within the XDEM software. Therefore, the ambition of this project is to run large scale parallel simulations of XDEM on the UL HPC facilities (clusters).



University of Luxembourg This research is supported by the University of Luxembourg.
FEDER This research is in the framework of the project "DigitalTwin", supported by the programme: Investissement pour la competitivite et emploi - European Regional Development Fund (Grant agreement: 2016-01-002-06).
Interreg The "PowderReg" project, funded by the European programme Interreg VA GR within the priority axis 4 "Strengthen the competitiveness and the attractiveness of the Grande Région/Großregion".